A few days in the Lakes

I enjoy being in the lakes so t0 enable me to have a few more miles in my legs in preparation for my trip to Nepal I’ve been to the lakes for a few days. I set off from home early so that I could have a walk up Blencethra


It was an enjoyable walk. From the top of Scales fell I was in low cloud. Whilst it is always better to have the view on thisoccasion I was here for the exercise.

Keeping to the ridge I made my way down to Threlkeld and back to the car.

The next day I had planned to take on the Newlands round but I was aware that the weather was changing with the wind speed increasing. I’ll see how things go. An early start, plenty of parking at the base of Cat bells. I was fully expecting to be alone as Iwas on my way up at 8am, but no as i crested the first scambly bit I couldsee a headtorch in the distance. Coldand clear until the hause between Catbells and Maiden Moor. Here I met the lone fell runner on his way down.

The wind speed increased as I ascended Maiden Moor so I changed my plan to exit down to Rigginhead Quarries and back to the car.


As always I found time to visit Nicholl End Marina for a giant scone.

On my last day the weather had closed in so I enjoyed a drive around to Buttermere witha visit to see Sour Milk Gillp1010973

Plenty of water about.  I then made my way to Grasmere to buy some Gingerbread – yum before returning home.

‘Till the next time

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